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Arau Toothpaste

Simply refreshes your baby’s teeth and mouth naturally

Arau Toothpaste Image

Arau Toothpaste Image


Arau Toothpaste – Safe and gentle on your baby’s teeth

Healthy smile

Arau Baby Products - Made in JapanCompared to your skin, your mouth and gums are more sensitive and can be affected by a variety of contamination and bacteria. So for some people the use or brushing with synthetic toothpaste can be unsettling and undesirable.

Arau Toothpaste is perfect for the healthy growth of young children’s teeth

Just for you, we have created an alcohol-free toothpaste with zero synthetic ingredients. Arau Toothpaste ensures a happy healthy smile by cleaning away plaque and removing tartar while being gentle on their gums and tongue.

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Arau Toothpaste Low Foaming FormularLow foaming formula Arau Toothpaste – easier for young children to use.

Before young children learn how to rinse and spit it out, our low foaming formula Arau Toothpaste makes it much easier for young children to brush their teeth daily.

Refreshes their mouth naturally with its neutral taste

We left out the additives, synthetic ingredients and alcohol found in common toothpastes to keep your gums healthy and teeth white. Arau toothpaste has a neutral taste that simply refreshes their mouth naturally.

Safe ingredients: Arau Toothpaste contains zero LAS, high grade alcohol synthetic surfactants, phosphates, edentate (sequestering agents), or artificial additives such as colours, fragrances and preservatives.

Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, water, glycerin, sorbitol, xanthan gum, soap base, carrageenan, menthol, lavender oil, peppermint oil, shiso extract, BG

Arau Toothpaste 100% Natural Product

100% Natural Product

No synthetic ingredients or additives. Alcohol free.

Arau Toothpaste Fluoride Free

Safe-Fluoride Free

Oral hygiene is so important for the health of your growing children

Saraya has developed a toothpaste made from a formula of natural extracts that are safe and Fluoride free. Our neutral Arau Toothpaste will protect the inside of their mouths and preserve the enamel of your childrens teeth

Our fluoride-free Arau Toothpaste, with its special formulation of non-toxic ingredients and a careful blend of essential oils and extract, keeps your baby’s teeth healthy and white. Arau Toothpaste simply refreshes their mouth naturally and there is no risk of your child swallowing fluoride normally found in common toothpastes.

Arau Baby ToothpasteWould you use the “sandpaper” to clean your baby’s teeth?

Clinical tests have shown that grinding pastes such as Hydrated Silica used in common toothpastes can lead to permanent damage of teeth, especially your childrens teeth during their formative years of development.

Arau Toothpaste does not contain Hydrated Silica.

With its special formula of non-synthetic ingredients and a carefully selected blend of natural herb extracts and essential oils, your baby’s teeth are very well protected for healthy growth.

Did you know?

Did you know - Arau BabyDeveloping teeth can benefit from a little fluoride. This mineral prevents tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel and making it more resistant to acids and harmful bacteria. However, while a little fluoride is a good thing for your child’s teeth, swallowing too much of it over time can lead to a condition called fluorosis, which can cause white spots to show up on your child’s adult teeth. This is why it’s very important not to use too much toothpaste with fluoride, especially before your child learns to rinse and spit it out.

Eco Friendly Products - Arau BabyECO Friendly

Arau toothpaste quickly biodegrades in the waste water. Safe for the environment.

ECO Friendly

Eco Friendly Baby Products

Arau Baby products have been specially developed to be ECO friendly and harmless to our sensitive environment.