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Arau Baby Body Foaming Soap

A gentle cleansing touch on your baby’s sensitive skin

Arau Baby Body Foaming Soap

Arau Baby Foaming Body Soap Bottle


For your baby we created the best natural, additive free foaming soap.

Arau Baby Products - Made in Japan100% Natural Foaming Soap

Arau baby is exclusively derived from natural herbs and essential oils, enhancing cleansing while nurturing your precious baby’s sensitive skin. This foaming soap feels natural to touch and leaves a fresh and beautiful herbal essence on your baby’s skin at all times.

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Safe and fun bath time

Every parent only wants to use safe and natural products with carefully selected ingredients for their babies. At Saraya we have introduced additive free Arau Baby body foaming soap, the best natural herbal soap for your darling baby’s sensitive skin.

Herbs Arau Baby Body Foaming Soap

Ingredients: Water, potassium soap base, glycerin, lavender oil, lime oil, shiso extract, rosemary extract, BG

Arau Baby is a pure natural foaming soap, which is free of potentially allergenic substances found in common soaps such as phosphates, edentate (sequestrants), synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or preservatives.

Arau Baby Body Soap 100% Natural Product

100% Natural

Pure natural foaming soap: Exclusively derived from refreshing natural herbs with zero synthetic additives, leaving your baby’s sensitive skin feeling revitalised.

Arau Baby Body Soap

Recent research has shown that allergens and irritants in fragrances are a leading cause of skin reactions and they can dry out a baby’s skin.

Caring mothers love to use Arau Baby soap

Zero Synthetic Fragrance

While washing your baby with the soft thick foam of Arau Baby body soap from head to toe you can be confident that your baby is safe from harmful additives.

The tiny foam bubbles gently cleanse your baby’s delicate skin and hair for a fun and relaxing bath time, leaving your baby feeling beautifully fresh and clean with zero risk of skin irritation.

Arau Baby Body Soap Effective Cleansing

Effective cleansing

Quickly cleanses and removes your baby’s sweat and even sun screen after a day outdoors.



Fast, easy, convenient

Design of the Arau Baby foaming soap bottle with its ergonomic shape combined with the convenient foam pump, allows mothers to wash their young babies with one hand while still holding baby with the other. The tiny foam bubbles will rapidly rinse off, leaving your baby’s skin feeling clean and free of any soap residue.

Bath time should always be fun!

Using Arau Baby foaming soap, bath time is always a pleasure for mother and baby. Instant foam from the specially designed pump can be applied all over your growing baby, from head to toe, for so much fun time during their daily bath.

Arau Baby Body Soap

Arau Baby Foaming Soap Re-FillReduce, Re-Use, Refill

Save your money, save your environment

Refillable bottles are an easy choice for mothers who want economical use – easy on your wallet, easy on our environment.

Eco Friendly Products

ECO Friendly

Quickly biodegrades when washing down the drain, completely friendly and harmless to our environment.


Yang Ishikawa Arau Baby Testimonial

Whenever I said “Let’s go for a shower”, my son loves it because he can himself pump the rich foam from Body Soap bottle, spread the foam all over his body and play with it. I love all Arau Baby product line for my son. I believe that I will be loyal to this product line until my son grows much older.Ms Yang Ishikawa – Osaka (Kei Ishikawa – 3 years old)



ECO Friendly

Eco Friendly Baby Products

Arau Baby products have been specially developed to be ECO friendly and harmless to our sensitive environment.